Mathieu Leclerc

A modern designer.

My name is Mathieu Leclerc. I am working with the latest trends, I'm aware of the past ones and able to guess what future holds design wise. I'm deeply in contact with trends and constantly in touch with other design spheres.

Whether it is by talking with friend architects, reading a book on interface usability or watching a tv show about fashion, I'm gathering information day and night thru my occupations and pass time to better help and create the perfect integration and symbiosis of my projects with their environment, their limitations and trends.

The modern designer : Mathieu Leclerc is one of them!

My Background

Ever since I was little, arts had a huge attraction on me. I grew up with computers because my father thought that I would benefit a lot from this relationship with technology. At about age 7, I had a Commodore 64 and received as a gift a drawing software. In the box, there was a graphic tablet (kind of a primitive Wacom tablet) included. How awesome is this for a kid this young? A whole lot! The possibilities, although limited back then, seemed infinite for a youngster. I was 7 and fell in love with graphic design. I knew right away that I wanted to make a living out of this.

A few years and computers passed by and then, I received, as a gift, my very first "real" computer! A 486 50mhz, with 4MB of RAM and a 512k video card. I was so excited! My PC had a CD-ROM reader and speakers attached to it. Along with that PC came the Corel Draw suite. Once again, I got charmed instantly! Today, Corel is almost out of the game, but I still remember the fun of drawing with it!

At that time (about 1994), the web was coming slowly together. Needless to say, I got voodooed again and got fascinated by the interactivity of linked documents and the worldwide visibility and accessibility. It was like Hyper Card meets BBS. I began building my first websites on Geocities. In 1996 I began a bachelor degree in Industrial Design. Over the 4 years long program, Interface Usability is what caught my attention, as I was trying to involve technology in any project I would do.

In 1999 I discovered what is know today as Adobe Flash. It was in it's early days, a bit buggy, but very simple. I got addicted once again! I fell in love with the possibility to create animations or interactivity with vector objects and very small file size. The only problem was the player. Too few people had the player installed. Because people didn't know about the plugin or didn't know how to install it, you had to duplicate the content and have a static version of every animation or interaction you created. From that point I was making a living out of the many requests I would receive each month to create Flash content.

I graduated in 2000 and got picked up by an e-learning agency to create Flash animations. The rest is history and can be seen in my design portfolio.