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I am interested in all kinds of projects: web design, user interface design, product photography and photo retouching. Whether it is for a small or a major project, I want to be part of it!

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Mathieu Leclerc

My name is Mathieu Leclerc, I have over 16 years of web design and UXD under my belt. I saw the birth of the web and have contributed to its development as a web designer, creative producer and art director.

My background

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an inventor. Twenty years later, after a four-year long university degree, I became an industrial designer; some kind of a modern times inventor! I subsequently completed a college degree in commercial photography for one purpose: to be independent and be able to create from scratch any visual material I wanted.

The smallest creative agency!

Being small has its advantages. I offer my services to small and medium sized enterprises that have unanswered marketing and branding needs because their budgets are often limited.

My industrial design background lets me tackle the challenges from another angle. I create solutions that put the user first. Traditional designers often make the mistake of putting the emphasis on aesthetics and relegate the user experience or the search engines indexation as a consequence of their design decisions, rather than building the other way around. By choosing me, you grant yourself a quality product from all angles.