Product Photography

With today’s competitive market and online shopping, your products must appeal as much as possible.

I can shoot any product, of any size, on location or at my studio. Ask for a free quote for your project!

Images that Deliver

It's proven; quality images sell better.

Ultimately, consumers will make their purchase decision online, on a website where your products are shown alongside those of your competitor. Get quality pictures showing your products under their best light to boost your sales.

With every image I deliver, I include an unlimited and lifetime license. This way, your distributors and resellers will be able to include them in their brochures, catalogs or websites at no extra cost.

1 picture, 1000 words

Quality photography should visually translate the language you use to describe a product, its features and benefits. I can assist you in generating that dialogue between your product and your customers.

Business places

You own a bar? Restaurant? A sports center? Just like a product, a business place can gain a lot from effective photography. The type of institution and its services, its atmosphere, its customers are all factors that influence the message delivered by a photograph.

Convey Emotions

Although objects are inanimate, they still have a "soul" or a dialogue of their own. They have the power to create emotions, to release energy, to invite us to touch or to contemplate them.

It's these communicated emotions and language that I bring to life in the product pictures that I deliver to my clients. I like making things, buildings and places speak.

Get Back in the Box

Whether it is to warrant your product can be visually identified or to reinforce your brand, a product often needs to be represented in its packaging.

Whether it is for a billboard, a brochure, a website or a television ad, every project deserves the same care and the same level of attention to details. The goal is always the same: create the image that generates the best impact.

I can deliver the images in Photoshop® (.psd) or Tiff format, with a clipping mask and alpha channel (transparent background). This way, your graphic design team can instantly use these visuals in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress or any other desktop publishing software, photo montage or animation suite.

Set a mood

Buildings speak thru utheir architecture. The message delivered at noon is really not the same as the one delivered at midnight. Light, depth of field, zoom, staging; all factors that help these places deliver their message. Listen carefully ...