Web Design

To sustain business growth and reach, being online is no longer a luxury, it became a necessity.

Join me; together we will develop a web strategy that incorporates a corporate website that represents your business and generates results.


A corporate website is the basis on which we will develop your web strategy. It will not only show your products or services under their best light, but also generate brand trust and loyalty among your customers.

To ensure your content will be indexed effectively by search engines, a special attention will be given to the creation of an efficient architecture and optimize its content. Incidentally, your current and potential customers will find you easily, which will directly increase your visibility and sales.

Email Campaigns

To enforce loyalty and profitability among your customer base, it is primordial to maintain a dialogue. Most enterprises commit the dramatic mistake of terminating the communication with their customers once the transaction is completed.

A customer who is in constant communication with your company exponentially, thru emails or other channels, is more likely to make another purchase or recommend your company.

Gather opinions thru surveys, send offers or information an about new goods or services. If you listen and suggest, you will sell again!

Responsive design

Nowadays, one site fits all.

Creating two websites to support regular computers and mobiles devices is a thing of the past! Thanks to "responsive design" a single site can support all kinds of devices. Its structure and content is optimized to deliver the best experience according to the platform on which it is displayed.

This technique leads to two major benefits :

  1. You need no more to duplicate the content and hence, you have a sigle site to maintain rather than two.
  2. Search engines will have a single copy of the site to parse; which eliminates the odds of being penalized for pages flagged as "duplicate content".

Online marketing

Today, more than ever, online marketing is an essential component of any market strategy. You now have the possibility to target your customers , with amazing precision, based on multiple criterias such as the age, geographic location and gender, just to name a few. You no longer shoot blind folded!

Multiple platforms and media formats are also available to you. Ads with text content, graphics (banners) animated (flash or html) or video, dedicated websites, mix-media campaigns, the choice is endless!

I can help you sort this all out, establish and execute your online marketing strategy.

Flash Animations, tutorials & games

Adobe Flash® platform provides an extremely rich user experience. Applications created using Flash® icorporate not only bi-directional interactivity, but also sound and video integration. This makes it the ideal platform for content that requires a high level of interaction such as tutorials, product presentations, interactive movies and online games.

Once a media used to create extravagant websites, today it occupies a niche of its own. To get an idea of what can be created with Flash®, I suggest you visit my legacy website.